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Our Story

Southeastern Wake Adult Day Center began in 1991 as a small adult day health facility serving 12 participants. Responding to the growing needs among seniors and disabled adults, Southeastern expanded its program to serve more than 50 people daily in the Adult Day Center. Home Care services were added shortly thereafter followed, more recently, by Overnight Respite.

From the beginning, Southeastern Wake Adult Day Center has helped enrich the lives of seniors and disabled adults throughout Wake, Johnston, Orange and surrounding counties in North Carolina. Southeastern’s well-trained, multidisciplinary team of professionals provide a sense of peace and security for families via the care and assistance offered in each program. Southeastern has developed an integrated approach to service delivery to ensure the appropriate level of community-based or in-home care is available to meet the needs of each participant and their family.

Southeastern Wake Adult Day Center is a leader among home- and community-based service providers. The agency’s mission is to provide quality, comprehensive, social health care that improves the quality of life for the elderly and the disabled adult. Southeastern works toward this goal daily through innovative service offerings, partnerships with local universities, and collaboration with community partners.

Southeastern Wake Adult Day Center is certified by the NC Division of Aging and Adult Services for Adult Day Health Care; licensed by the Division of Health Service Regulation for Home Care and Overnight Respite; and is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).